loves adding that simple human touch to technology & business via design

Rahul is a design partner and startup specialist who has created world-class startups with a strong product orientation and founder mentality. Under his thoughtful leadership and experience in designing world-class consumer and business products, he provides a calm, collaborative, clear direction to teams by working on principles of simplicity and honesty.

He's a true Designpreneur who loves designing experiences and growing startups. For the past two decades, with his expert craftsmanship, he has built excellent products from the ground up. He has been the key design partner and premiere to the growth and success of companies such as Mezi (Acquired by American Express), Dhingana (Acquired by Rdio), Reliance Entertainment and People Group.



Values every element of design. Doing so, he drives the efforts to create a powerful brand with a single goal - put the brand first and delight the consumer. His unique traits are:
  • Quick turnaround - Works stupendously hard to turn projects around quickly, without a loss of quality. πŸ‘
  • Observe. Think. Create - With this philosophy, he defines, plans, and executes projects with maximum effect. ✌️

Design Culture

His belief is design should all be use to serve a purpose like reduce ambiguity and force clarity. Every detail matters and everything you see don't see should have a meaning. Great design happens with passion and intelligence. πŸ™‚


Mobile Exp.
UI Design

I treat your business problem as my own

If you are a startup, building a product or a solution to problems in areas that lack design innovation, then let’s chat! 😊